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Welcome to English Composition 101! Check back often for important updates.
How Watching Some Dandy Movies Can Save You from an Absence

Beginning this Tuesday, 21 April, and continuing for the next six Tuesdays, Spokane Falls will present SFCC's tenth annual International Film Festival. Each year the college rounds up a number of exceptional movies from around the world and presents them at the Garland Theater free of charge to SFCC and SCC students. Yes, these films are free for anyone connected with the Community Colleges of Spokane and just $5.00 for everybody else. There's always a varied, interesting selection of films—for a schedule of this year's movies, see the International Film Festival link on this website—so attending these movies might well be something you'd want to do just for your own pleasure and enrichment. But as an added incentive, any student who attends one of these films and then by Friday of the week the film was shown turns in to me a response paragraph regarding the movie gets one absence stricken from his or her official record. That single paragraph should include some specific details about the movie you saw as well as a brief discussion of what you thought of the experience and why you thought about it as you did. Special stipulation: while I invite you to go see all six of these movies, twice is the maximum number of times you can turn in response paragraphs to have an absence removed.