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Improvement in Writing 99

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Improvement in Writing 99
Introduction to Literature
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Welcome to Improvement in Writing 99! Check back often for important updates.
Reflections on Reading

For tomorrow, Wednesday, 1 Oct., please go to the Reading Strategies heading of the Documents section, print off a copy of the "Reading Strategies Checklist," complete that form, and bring your responses to class.

Context Setting for Cascio and Carr

For tomorrow, Thursday, 2 Oct., please go to the Documents section, print "Context-Setting Considerations for Cascio and Carr," and respond briefly to each of the questions. Understand, in your responses, you're only being asked to reflect on what you currently know or do; you're not being asked to do research or anything like that to find out the answers to questions you don't know, so getting your responses down should only take a few minutes. Be sure to bring your responses to class on Thursday.