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Improvement in Writing 99

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Improvement in Writing 99
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Welcome to Improvement in Writing 99! Check back often for important updates.
Important Deadlining Approaching

Remember, the absolute deadline for submitting a would-be final draft of our first essay is this coming Monday, 3 Nov! Recall, too, that students aren't eligible to turn in a would-be final if they haven't first gone through the required stages of collaborative practice both with me and with a classmate. See "Important Dates to Remember" on our course info for more details on this deadline, but the bottom line here is that you'll want to be sure and complete the required conferences with me and with a classmate so you'll be able to legitimately turn in a would-be final by the end of class on Monday.

Context Setting for Feed

The would-be final drafts for Essay One are starting to roll in now, and most folks are in the latter stages of their work on that essay even as they've finished reading The Shallows and started to explore ideas for Essay Two. Of course there's still one more book to read and write about--M. T. Anderson's Feed--and just as you read The Shallows while you were working on your Cascio essay, you'll be reading Feed while working on your Carr essay (and maybe revising your Cascio essay too). In preparation for reading Anderson's novel, please print "Context-Setting Considerations for Feed" from our Documents section, respond to each question, and bring your responses to class this Friday, 31 Oct. (yep, that would be Halloween). As with the context-setting questions for Carr and Cascio, I'm not asking you to do any kind of big-time research to get the "right" answers to these questions, but rather, simply to give each one a little thought and respond to it as you will. We'll discuss your responses for a while on Friday, and this thought and discussion will help provide a richer context as you begin reading Feed.