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Introduction to Literature

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Welcome to Introduction to Literature! Check back often for important updates.
Special Opportunity to Reverse the Flow of Time

Ladies and gentlemen, here's your last chance this quarter to. . . well, if not quite make time run in reverse, at least to eliminate one group activity miss from your class record. On Wednesday, 6 May, nationally known poet Dorianne Laux will be giving a reading right here on our own SFCC campus—more specifically, in Building 24, Room 110. The reading will occur at 11:30 and last around an hour. Any student who attends Laux's reading and then, by Friday the 8th, turns in to me a richly developed response paragraph regarding the reading will have one group miss stricken from his or her official record. To be clear, we're talking about only a single paragraph here, but it should be a meaty one, including details of the experience, your primary reactions to it, and reasons for those reactions.

The Marriage of Affect and Info: Journal Assignment One

For the journal due next Tuesday (5 May), please work through the entire procedure modeled on our “The Marriage of Affect and Info” handout regarding any poem we've encountered in the class so far (the handout's available under the Notes from Class heading in the Documents section, in case you either didn't get a copy in class or can't locate the copy you got). The only two poems off-limits for this exercise are the two already modeled on the handout—“Stopping by Woods” and “Fern Hill.” Be sure to use all the categories on the handout—though not necessarily its exact format—as you engage in this task. Note, too, that this work needn't take up more than a page or so of your journal if you don't want it to, so you can still have some room for other observations if you want to make them. But do make sure that your complete journal for the week, as usual, totals two full pages.

Due Date Change for First Project

As several folks have noted, the idealized timeline depicted on our course info doesn't seem to be working out just right in reality. Thus, those who are planning to submit a project by the first project deadline now have an additional two days; the new due date is Wednesday, 13 May. Furthermore, since lots will be happening in the days leading up to this deadline (see schedule below), anyone who turns in an essay on the 13th needn't turn in journal entries on the 12th; rather, your essay can also count as your journal for the week. Of course those who don't submit a project on the 13th will still need to turn in a journal on the 12th. In any case, here's what you can expect to encounter over the next couple weeks:

Monday, 5/4 and Tuesday, 5/5: Last two days on our current batch of poems

Wednesday, 5/6: All about projects

Thursday, 5/7: Seminar Practice Day (more details soon)

Friday, 5/8 and Monday, 5/11: First seminars on Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues" (Students will attend only one of these two days--more news soon.)

Tuesday, 5/12: Peer response day for those submitting essays on Wednesday (But everybody should show up for class because you don't have to be turning in a project to be a peer consultant.)

Wednesday, 5/13: First project due date and more work with "Sonny"

Thursday, 5/14: First of several days of work on new poems (reading assignment available soon)