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English 98--Writing Lab

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English 98--Writing Lab
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Welcome to English 98--Writing Lab! Check back often for important updates.
Upcoming Deadlines

Individual Versions of Summary Outline for the Practice Essay "The Value of Writing a Summary" Completed and Brought to Class: Tuesday, 10/7 

Article for Summary Paragraph (see “Article Options for Credit Two” in the Documents section) Chosen, Printed, and Annotated: Tuesday, 10/7

Practice Sentences Modeling the Patterns on the “Common Patterns” Sheet Completed: Tuesday, 10/7

Outline for Your Summary Paragraph Completed: Wednesday, 10/8

Second Check of Annotations/Reading Journal Entries: Friday, 10/10 (Also, after today, we'll focus for only one more day in class on the summary paragraph, so, ideally, you should be nearing the final draft stage of that paragraph by the end of class today, if not earlier.)

Brainstorming through Outline of Response Paragraph Completed: Tuesday, 10/14

Third Check of Annotations/Reading Journal Entries: Friday, 10/17

Monday, 10/20: No actual deadline here, but this will be the last day we'll focus whole-class attention on the individual summary and response paragraphs in Credit Two; ideally, by today, if not sooner, you've completed a final draft for both the summary and response paragraphs. Beginning on Tuesday the 21st, we'll shift our focus to essay writing. On Tuesday and at least part of Wednesday, the class will work together to get a clear fix on what an essay is, on how the same writing process you've been using for your paragraphs works to help you create whole essays, and on the particular (and somewhat odd) requirements involved in completing Credit Three's summary/response essay.

First Draft of Introductory Paragraph for Credit Three Essay Completed: Thursday, 10/23
First Draft of Concluding Paragraph for Credit Three Essay Completed: Friday, 10/24
Fourth Check of Annotations/Reading Journal Entries: Friday, 10/24