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English 98--Writing Lab

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Welcome to English 98--Writing Lab! Check back often for important updates.
Upcoming. . .

Friday, 10/31 (Boo!): Fifth Check of Annotations/Reading Journal Entries (Note: Ideally, folks should be well over half done with their books by now.)

Monday, 11/3: All students who are at all serious about completing the work of our class should without fail have worked through their writing process and completed both summary and response paragraphs in Credit Two by now.
Wednesday, 11/5: First day students with fewer than 30 credits can register for Winter Quarter. Ideally, you'll register as soon as you can to get the classes you want, but in regard to composition courses—English 99 and English 101—recall that you'll need a recommendation out of English 98 to register. Check with me individually on that, but remember that it won't be possible for me to seriously consider a 101 recommendation for anyone who isn't fairly far along in Credit Four's essay.
Thursday, 11/6: In-class context-setting discussion groups to help prepare everyone for Credit Four's reading, Mike Rose's “I Just Wanna Be Average,” and for the essay you'll be writing in regard to that reading.
Wednesday, 11/12: By this date, but ideally sooner, everyone should have shown me their annotated copy of Rose's chapter and their thesis and outline for their Credit Four essay.