Tom Versteeg
English 98--Writing Lab

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English 98--Writing Lab
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Welcome to English 98--Writing Lab! Check back often for important updates.
Upcoming Deadlines

First Draft of Response Paragraph Due: Monday, 7/21

Have Credit Three (32-37) Read--We'll Be Starting Essay Work: Wednesday, 7/23

Intro Paragraph for Summary/Response Essay Completed (We'll do the conclusion in class): Thursday, 7/24

Third Check of Annotations/Reading Journal Entries: Thursday, 7/24

Complete Draft of Credit Three's Summary/Response Essay Completed: Monday, 7/28 (Also, today everyone will get a copy of the Credit Four reading and assignment.)

Fourth Check of Annotations/Reading Journal Entries: Thursday, 7/31

Article Annotations, Thesis, and Outline for Credit Four Essay Completed: Thursday, 7/31

First Draft of Credit Four Essay Completed: Monday, 8/4

Fifth (and final) Check of Annotations/Reading Journal Entries: Thursday, 8/7

Outline for Credit Five Essay Completed: Monday, 8/11

First Draft of Credit Five Essay Completed: Tuesday, 8/12

Last Day of Class--Deadline for Completion of All Work: Thursday, 8/14