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MUSC 142 - Music Theory II
Ear Candy
Harmony de Lux
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Welcome to MUSC& 243 - Music Theory VI! Check back often for important updates.
Important Dates for Spring Quarter
  • April 7: Classes Begin. Last day to add a class without instructor's permissions
  • April 8: ISAC required to add a class
  • April 11: Last day to receive 100% refund if dropping a class.  Last day to use ISAC to add a class.
  • April 12: Signatures of BOTH instructor and VPL needed to add a class
  • April 18: Last day to avoid a "W" on your transcript if dropping a class
  • April 28: Last day to receive a 50% refund if dropping a class
  • May 12: Registration for summer and fall classes begins (for current students)
  • May 23: Last day to drop a class
  • May 26: No Class (Memorial Day)
  • JUne 16: Last day of classes
  • June 17: No Class (Dead Day)
  • June 20: MUSC 243 Final written exam