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Practice Exercises

Get extra practice by going to these web sites:

Chapter 1 - Rounding Practice
Rounding with Decimals Game
Chapter 2 - Multiplication with Decimal Numbers
Practice - Multiplication with Decimal Numbers Page #1
 Click on "Get the Answer(s)" at the bottom of the page to check your work.
Practice - Multiplication with Decimal Numbers Page #2
Chapter 2 - Division with Decimal Numbers
Practice - Division with Decimal Numbers Page #1
Practice - Division with Decimal Numbers Page #2
Chapter 5 - Fractions
Fractions Practice
Chapter 6 - Percentage Problems
More Part-Base-Rate Practice (where the part is missing)
More Part-Base-Rate Practice (where the rate is missing)
 Click on "What Percent" in the middle of the page under "Generic Uses"
Part Base Rate Practice - See Countdown Game at Bottom
Part-Base-Rate: Practice Calculating Tips on a Restaurant Bill
Practice - Changing Decimals to Percents
 Click on "Decimal to Percent" under Practice in the middle column. Click the Start button to begin game. Note that the title on the practice page is backwards--it says Percent to a Decimal, but this page actually has practice in converting Decimals to Percents.
Practice - Changing Percents to Decimals
 Click on the Start Button to start game.
Chapter 7 - Percent Change Problems
Practice - Percent of Increase/Decrease
 There is helpful information about Percent Change problems, and if you scroll down on the page, you will also see some practice exercises.
Chapter 8 - Simple and Compound Interest
Compound Interest Calculator
 With this calculator, you don't have to calculate the interest rate per period and number of periods. Just choose the correct compounding option, and enter the annual rate and number of years (along with the present value), and the calculator does all the work for you!
Read this for a great explanation of Simple & Compound Interest!
Practice - Simple Interest Game