Tom Versteeg
Advanced Composition 102

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English Composition 101
Advanced Composition 102
English 98--Writing Lab
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Welcome to Advanced Composition 102! Check back often for important updates.
Here We Go to the Library

Don't forget that this Thursday, 30 Oct., we won't be meeting in our regular classroom. Rather, we'll meet in room 211 at the library (just go in the library's north entrance, head up the stairs, and you're there) so that ace research librarian Mary Nagel can get you started off on the right foot with the research piece of your researched argument. Rest assured, Mary's presentation and the activities she asks you to engage in aren't just generic "library" stuff, but rather, are keyed to the particular themes and requirements of our assignment. To get the most out of our library visit, you'll want to be sure and take a careful look at the researched argument assignment sheet ("Instructor/Student Collaboration Form for Researched Argument") beforehand, and if you also have a sense of which theme you'll focus on, all the better.