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Advanced Composition 102

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Advanced Composition 102
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Welcome to Advanced Composition 102! Check back often for important updates.
The Seminars Are Coming, the Seminars Are Coming!

Just a reminder that our first seminar will occur on Wednesday, 15 April, and Thursday, 16 April. As determined by a coin toss, Group One goes first his time, on Wednesday, and Group Two folks get their turn on Thursday. Recall that to participate in the seminar conversation, group members must arrive in class with both their annotated reading and their seminar ticket. Remember, too, that we don't hold seminars in our regular classroom, but rather in 24-303. And if you've missed the last couple days of class, note that you can find both the seminar ticket assignment and a list of seminar group members in the Documents section. See you tomorrow, or else the day after tomorrow. . . .

Second Sem Assignment Posted

For those who'd like to take a peek into the near future, Seminar Two's ticket assignment is now available in the Documents section. I'll be handing out a hard copy of this assignment within a day or two, but in case you can't wait, the assignment's there under the Seminars heading for you to view now. And recall that, like our first set of splendid seminars, this second seminar will also be held in 24-303.