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Advanced Composition 102

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Advanced Composition 102
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Welcome to Advanced Composition 102! Check back often for important updates.
Please Complete Student Research Habits Survey

Our library would like all entering English 102 students to take a breif Student Research Habits survey. The idea is that info gleaned from the survey can help librarians tailor their materials to the particular needs of students. This seems like a worthy endeavor, so please take a few minutes (shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to do the whole survey) to complete the survey sometime between 29 Sept. and 10 Oct. You'll find a link to the survey in the Links section of our website. Thanks, both from me and from the hard-working librarians in Building 2. 

For Thursday, 2 October. . .

In class today, folks began practicing the "Thinking About What Your Reader Is Thinking" piece of our rhetorical evaluation on the Rauch article. Between now and Thursday's class, please finish up with that work on your own, but also between now and our next class be sure to look at the Rauch article in terms of the other pieces of the rhetorical eval--quality of evidence and quality of logic and reasoning; make some notes on what you find and bring those notes--along with your judgments about Rauch's moves regarding "skeptics"--to class on Thursday. As you're working on this practice, if other response ideas besides those concerned with rhetorical evaluation strike you, make note of them and bring those to class as well. We'll wrap up our practice on Rauch and soon be on to your real essays.