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Advanced Composition 102

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Advanced Composition 102
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Welcome to Advanced Composition 102! Check back often for important updates.
Crucial Deadline Nearly Here!

I have to say, I'm starting to get a little worried. To date (22 Oct.) only one individual has turned in a summary/response final draft. However, the absolute deadline for turning in at least one summary/response would-be final draft is next Monday, 27 Oct.--only a couple class days away. That is, to have any hope of receiving a 2.0 or better in our class, a student must submit a would-be final by the end of class on Monday--but folks aren't even eligible to submit would-be finals until after they've had at least one full-draft conference with me and prevailed on two classmates to fully and thoroughly complete Peer Conference Record Sheets. I put all these data together with the fact that, as of right now, I don't believe I've had a draft conference with even half the members of our class, and I just want to scream YIKES and start banging my head against my desk.

None of this (save, perhaps, for my agitated mental state) should be news to anybody. Since day one this deadline has been widely known and oft remarked on in class; I think I've at least mentioned it every day for the past week. Still hopeful, though, I'm assuming that lots of folks have already gotten together to complete peer responses, and I'm expecting a flood of conference sign-ups for Thursday and Friday (and even for Monday, though a Monday conference would give somebody under an hour to revise and submit, and maybe that somebody still needs to get peer responses too). In any case, soon after next Monday, the focus of the class will shift to the researched argument. That doesn't mean folks can't still be working on summary/responses--either their second or third, or revisions of the first one they turned in by the deadline--but it does mean we'll be having fewer workshop/conference days for a while, instead engaging in various discussions and learning activities designed to help everyone with their researched arguments (for instance, a week from tomorrow we'll be going to the library--watch for a separate announcement on that before long).

In the long run, of course, I recognize you're all grown-up people who know what they want out of this class and are ultimately responsible for getting it. And if I keep this thought in mind, I should maybe be able to quit banging my head against the desk. . . .