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Advanced Composition 102

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Advanced Composition 102
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Welcome to Advanced Composition 102! Check back often for important updates.
A Few Dates to Keep in Mind

As the end draws near, or at least nearer, I wanted to remind folks of three important dates:

Tuesday, 25 Nov. This is the last day to submit a would-be final draft to me and have my solemn promise that I'll return it to you in time to do more revision on it, should you either need or want to. Don't worry, you still 14 days after this date to continue revising, conferring, and turning in would-be finals (see last date below), but you should assume that any essay you turn in after the 25th will be your last shot for that particular document. Of course I'll eventually read all the would-be finals you submit, and, depending on the volume of essays I receive by the 25th from our class and my other classes, I might get some that come in after this date back to you in time for more revision, but that's not something you should count on. 

Friday, 5 Dec. This is the last regular class day for our class, and for every class on campus. You'll still have until the middle of the next week to work on essays, but bear in mind that the requirements regarding process and collaboration (i.e. peer and instructor conferences) don't change after the 5th. Thus, if you're looking for an instructor conference after the 5th, you'll need to visit me in my office (24-338), but that shouldn't be too difficult since I should be around most all day (say from 10:00 to 3:00, anyhow) on both Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th. What might be trickier, though, is accomplishing peer consultations without a classroom venue you can count on finding your fellow students in, so if you'll need peer consultations after the 5th, be sure and get contact info or make arrangements to meet before leaving class on Friday.

Wednesday, 10 Dec. Absolute deadline for submission of all work--just drop your essays and accompanying peer and instructor documentation by my office anytime before 2:00 p.m. (slide your work under my door if I'm not in when you drop by). Then have a dandy winter break.