CS255: C for Engineers

General Info:

Class policies:

Time and Location:  M-F, 1pm-1:50pm
Room 218 in Building 18.

Additional Materials:

  1. A USB memory stick is required if you want to transfer files between class and home.
  2. An email account. All homework is turned in via email. See the class policies for more details.
  3. A computer of some sort.
  4. We will need a compilier. For MAC users, you will want to use Xcode. I am not an expert on Xcode, so you will have to learn how to use it yourself. If you really need help, stop by my office sometime and maybe I can play around with it. I have the following note about Macs. So, once you install Xcode, you can just use a standard text editor ( like emacs ) and gcc. See the linux link below.
  5. For windows users, you will want to use DevC++. You can find a link to it in moodle. To install, just double click on the icon and go with the defaults. It will install a folder in your start menu. The first time you run devc++, it will ask you some questions. The first question is about how you want your icons in devcpp to look. Go with the default. The next question is setting up a tool for experienced users. Say no. I will show you how to use this program in class.
    If you are running Windows Vista and you are having some trouble, you may find this useful.
  6. For linux and mac users, you will probably want to use emacs and gcc, a very short tutorial is here .

Course Objectives:

Course Outline: