Instructor Info

John Mill
Office: Building 18, 106 (by the pendulum)
Office Hours: 11:30am-12:30 (M-F) I also have an open door policy (ie: if the door is open, come on in! If its not open, I am unavailable!). I am also available by appointment. Email: johnmillsfcc at gmail dot com.

Courses: Fall

CS 141 : CS I
(10:30am-11:20, M-F)

CS 211 : C for Programmers
(1pm-1:50, M-F)

ENGR 120 : Introduction to Engineering Computation (2pm-2:50, T,Th)

Courses: Winter

CS 142 : CS II
(10:30am-11:20, M-F)

CS 253 : C++
(1pm-1:50, M-F)

CS 141 : CS I (2pm-3:15, M-F)

Courses: Spring

CS 280 : Data Structures
(10:30am-11:20, M-F)

CS 255 : C for Engineers
(1pm-1:50, M-F)

CS 142 : CS II (2pm-2:50, M-F)

ENGR 240 : Numerical Methods (3:30pm-4:30, MTW)