CS-121 Unix/Linux

Term: Fall 2018

Class Hours: 0930-1020 (9:30-10:20AM) Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Classroom: 18-218

Instructor: Rick Udlock
Office Phone: 533-3795
Email: Rick.Udlock@SFCC.Spokane.edu
Office: 18-112H

Course Description:

In this class students learn to install and manage a Linux desktop system. After exploring graphical user interface configuration and applications, students learn to manage their systems using the command line interface. This will be accomplished through a combination of lecture and hands-on projects. Grades will be based on quizes, homework/lab assignments and a course project.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Linux Mint Distribution
  3. Updates, upgrades & installing additional software
  4. Command Line
  5. File System
  6. Shells
  7. Processes & Job Control

Required Text and Materials:

CS-121 Textbook
Unix and Linux Visual Quickstart Guide, 5th Edition
by Eric & Deborah Ray
ISBN-13: 9780321997548


Overall Syllabus

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