CS-223 Programming for IT

Term: Fall 2018

Class Hours: 0830-0920 (8:30-9:30AM) on Monday through Friday

Classroom: 18-127B

Instructor: Rick Udlock
Office Phone: 533-3795
Email: Rick.Udlock@SFCC.Spokane.edu
Office: 18-112H

Course Outcomes:

This is a hands-on course intended to teach students computer programming in a graphical user interface environment. We use Visual Basic.NET as a vehicle for this because of its more intuitive interface. Students will learn how to create Visual Basic programs for a wide variety of applications using forms, objects, functions, procedures, arrays, and disk files. Grades will be based on two exams and homework assignments. They will accomplish the following objectives:

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to VB.NET
  2. Creating an Application
  3. Variables & Calculations
  4. Making Decisions & Working with Strings
  5. Lists, Loops, Validation & Tool Tips
  6. Procedures & Functions
  7. Multiple Forms, Standard Modules & Menus
  8. Arrays, Timers & Splash Screens
  9. Files input & output
  10. Structures, Classes & Collections

Required Text and Materials:

CS-223 Textbook
Murach's Visual Basic 2015
by Anne Boehm
ISBN-13: 9781890774981


Although Math 91 is the official prerequisite, I strongly recommend taking Math 92 (Math 93 in the old sequence) before signing up for this class.

Overall Syllabus

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