Network Management

Term: Spring  2001

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 Amelia Phillips  Monday

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 Paul Lecoq      Wednesday

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Chapter Assignments Plan for server system

Class Times: Monday & Wednesday 5:30 to 8:00 pm  Room 18-127

Textbook Required:
Network + Guide to Networks, by Tamara Dean, Course Technology, ISBN 0-7600-1145-1
Materials Required:
3 Ring Binder (or other organizer) for Handouts
2 3 ½ inch High Density Floppies
email account
Small Toolkit and flashlight (to be used in the lab)

Methods of Instruction:
The student will learn about the Networks through a variety of hands on, lecture, and homework exercises. The student is expected to complete the assigned reading assignments in addition to the lectures, labs, and research assignments.

Course Description:
This is an intensive course in the technical management of computer networks. Students, who are expected to understand the principles of telecommunications, will learn to operate and maintain a computer network. Windows NT will be the primary software used, however, other Network Operating Systems (NOS) are installed and used. A comparative study will inform the students of the relative principles of other major network systems. This course stresses concepts and practical usage of many kinds of NOS.

Prerequisite: permission of instructor or IS162.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Understand the basic topology of networks
  2. Be familiar with the functions of routers, switches, punch-down blocks
  3. Use of a 10baseT network
  4. Use of an NT server, NT workstation, and Windows 9X client
  5. Understand the setup of a communications server, fax server, and applications server
  6. Understand how to setup up user and group accounts
  7. Understand the functions of a web server
  8. Understand basic security protocols and procedures
  9. Understand how to interconnect networks

Grading Criteria:
1. You are responsible for completing the assigned reading. It will be used in class whether covered in the lecture or not. Lectures and labs are meant to enhance your learning, not be the only source.
2. There will be two exams given. They will be worth 100 points each.
3. There will be self graded pop quizzes periodically.
4. You will have 4 to 6 class assignments that must be completed. These will be worth 50 points each
5. You are responsible for any missed classes except those canceled for snow emergencies.
6. You must have a current email address for me to contact you in case of changes due to emergencies.

Attendance Policy
Students are expected to attend classes and be prompt so as not to interrupt once the class is underway. We understand that foul weather can cause unexpected delays, but please try to be considerate of your classmates. While attendance does not count towards your overall grade, missing a significant number of classes can be detrimental to you. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to get the handouts and get any notes from fellow students or from my website (TBP).

Buddy Policy
I like to encourage students to have a “buddy” in each class. This is someone with whom you can work, discuss reading assignments, test your ideas, and bolster each other’s spirits. However, please take note of the conditions listed below.


Any student who, for the purpose of fulfilling or partially fulfilling any assignment or task required by the faculty as part of the student’s program of instruction, shall knowingly tender any work product that the student fraudulently represents to the faculty as the student’s work product, shall be deemed to have cheated. Cheating shall be cause for disciplinary action.
Any student who aids or abets the accomplishments of cheating as defined in subsection 1) of this section, shall also be subject to disciplinary action.
Any student who presents the words or ideas of another in direct quotation, indirect quotation, or close paraphrase, must provide acknowledgement. Failure to do so shall constitute plagiarism. Plagiarism shall be cause for disciplinary action.
Misuse of Computer Privileges
Access to computer facilities is a privilege granted to CCS students, staff and faculty and to those who arrange special rental permits. Computers may not be used for personal financial gain. Unauthorized access, use, and/or experimentation can result in permanent loss of computer privileges, probation, suspension, expulsion, requirements to make financial restitution, a fine, and/or imprisonment. 


Assigned Chapters for IS 164, Network +


Chapter 2

Amelia / James

Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Kevin W.

Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter 14


Chapter 15


Chapter 16



Proposed Company Setup – will be modified as we go along, but we have a plan


Website Development Company

 3 servers

          PDC – wdc_master

          BDC – wdc_backup

          proxy – wdc_proxy


~ 100 employees consisting of

R & D


Senior Managers (CEO, VPs, CFO, COO, etc.)

          Line Managers





          Internal Support

          External Support

Human Resources




Need to develop

File Structure


User Groups based on needs