IS 228 Network Servers

Instructor: Paul Lecoq 4 credits

Updated Apr. 2003

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Course Objectives:

Student will be capable of installing and maintaining the most used internet server software on both Microsoft and Unix platforms.Students will be able to evaluate business needs and specify design for an appropriate internet service to meet those needs.

These objectives will be implemented in four Threads:

Thread I:  Business use of Internet Services

  • Review internet and World Wide Web functions, operations, and data flow investigate Web and Inteternet services to demonstrate understanding of the above.

  • Define internet services to meet the need of a case study business

Thread  II:  Basic Internet Servers

Research the various Web and Internet services in the UNIX/Linux and Microsoft  environments:

  • One kind of Internet service will be assigned to working groups for research.  Use the Web, books, and other resources to prepare a review of the service, how it works, and what it does for a business.

  • Each group will present a panel discussion on its Web service

  • Each group will install & demonstrate its service to the rest of the class
    Become the class expert on that service.

Follow the demonstration by leading a group of students through installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance.  (Demonstrate your knowledge of the service by teaching the others about it.)  

Individual assignments


Thread III:  Case Study

Develop an IT system for Big Bucks University

Thread IV:

  • Implement CGI and ASP instruments and demonstrate them

  • Provide student support on the student server.

Major tasks for the Course:

Spokane Falls Community College Computing Department
IS-228 Internet Servers
Course outline and Table of contents
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Weekly discussion topic & assignment

Thread I
Business use of Internet services
Thread II
Internet services, basic

Thread III
Case Study:
Big Bucks U
Thread IV
general support
29 March     Week 1:

The use of internet to meet business objectives
Review major Internet services and Client/Server Architecture

Review popular services
Assign Specific services to research  Rpt 1
Install W XP or Linux
on your hard disk

5 April        Week 2:

How Internet services fit into business operations

Answer questions
as needed
Research available Web/internet services Present the case
Study BBU

12 April        Week 3:  

Case study of web servers

Research reports
Definitive information

19 April      Week 4:

The Integrated On-Line School project BBU

Define needs & Rqmts
for system support
Install your service on
your own disk drive

Form Support Groups
26 April         Week 5:

 Implementation and maintenance of internet services

Presentations Present installed, working service with adequate check-out Finish development
of BBU
Bring services up to standards for support on the primary server
3 May      Week 6:

Continue IOLS case study

Reorganize groups and
Cross-train on other
Establish RQMTS for BBU Web
Provide services to IS-209 and other courses as needed
10 May     Week 7:

Research and laboratory work

Reorganize groups and
Cross-train on other

Provide services to IS-209 and other courses as needed
17 May      Week 8:

IIS installation and use

Implement basic
BBU Web Site
Provide services to IS-209 and other courses as needed
26 May      Week 9:
26 is a holiday

Research and laboratory work

Provide services to IS-209 and other courses as needed
31 June      Week 10:

Finish up all the work

Project review
BBU web site
Provide services to IS-209 and other courses as needed
7 June       Week 11

Final reports/ final exam

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How will you be graded?
By your performance!
By now you shouldn't need a lot of mollycoddling.
Pretend you are at work and that your continued employment depends on
how well you perform.
Oh, and by the way, attendance and tardiness counts

Report 1
Your chosen Service  --
You become the expert on that service

Service choices
Type of Service
Implemented on Windows
Students on the team
Implemented on Unix/Linux or MAC
Students on the team
Web service

Marty Sanchez
Lori Knauss

Dustin Snyder
Matthew Snyder
Data Base Service
Gerry Goodman
Scott Darling

Dan Cooper
Adam Nyquist
E-Mail Service
Wade Schwartz
LuAnn Lancaster
Grady Houghez
Dave Anderson
Encryption / Security Service
Short term team

Electronic Funds Transfer
short term team

Report 1 Format:

Information content
Written Report
executive summary
     Specific topics
Presentation  W/ visual aids
1,2 slides /minute
six or seven lines per slide

Professionally done
Introduction / Overview
Describe what the Service provides to users
What platforms does it run on
2/3 PP minimum
3-5 slides
Competitive products
<= 1 paragraph as
At least one slide as
System requirements
<= 1 paragraph
or table
at least one slide
User account services
As appropriate
as appropriate
Maintenance overview
at least one solid paragraph
one or more slides
Installation process
What does one have to watch out for?
at least 1 1/2 pages
several slides
Installation estimate
How long will it take you to install it and have it
up and ready?
Schedule form
Schedule form

Big Bucks University
A case study

BBU will present on line courses in many, many departments all around the world.  They will provide advanced techniques of instruction to make the on line environment at least as effective as in-class instruction for the three-fifths of the potential students who are self motivated enough to carry on in the environment.  Those who need eye-to-eye instruction will be referred to ordinary schools.

The class will study the entire system then define specific requirements for
  • funds transfer
  • Web site management
  • data base management

BBU web site will provide the following services to users:

Public side
  • marketing information
  • Course listings and descriptions
  • Advising tools
  • On-Line matriculation
  • On-Line registration  Provides student ID and PW on completion
  • On-Line payment

Student Side  All On-Line
Must have a student ID and PW to access

Only access to student's own work.

  • Curriculum outlines, descriptions, and detailed instruction
  • assignments
  • Submittal of work
  • feedback on student work
  • Exams that instantly inform student of results as the exam proceeds
  • Student can check on status at any time
  • Access to Teaching Assistants at any time  24/7
  • Access to instructor forum at scheduled times
  • Threaded moderated forum on each course
  • Instructor & Course evaluations

Instructor Side  All On-line
Must have Faculty ID & PW to access

  • Create curriculum material
  • Update curriculum material
  • Enable exams *
  • Monitor results of exams
  • Access to student assignments *
  • Access to TA exchanges *
  • Control of threaded forums *
  •                      * accessable to TAs

Administrative Side  All On-Line
Must have administrative ID & PW to access

  • Assignment of instructors    (issue instructor ID)
  • Assignment of TAs    (issue TA ID)
  • Create courses
  • Cchedule courses
  • Maintain Data Base
  • Access financial information

Services to IS-209 et al

Students will:
  • See to it that their assigned services are up and running on the department server.  
  • Provide User accounts and other necessary services to Department students
  • Act as DB, Web, and E-mail masters for the department students.