Computer and Network Support 2

Instructor: Paul Lecoq

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Major tasks for the Course:

The time it will take to complete these tasks may vary considerably depending on how easily the problems are solved.


  1. Production / Development network:  Establish a multi-partition XP network.  Set up with XP server, XP & 2000 workstation,  & Windows 98 workstation. Set up the hardware and install the software.  Establish groups and trusts as needed.
  2. Install a network printer with appropriate queues on the system to serve the network.
  3. Create a report covering important aspects of running a computer support business or a computer support department in a medium size company.  Include standard practice, work-load issues, problem reporting, job tracking, spares inventory, etc.
  4. Write a meaningful safety manual for a computer support shop..

Spokane Falls Community College Computing Department
IS-242  Computer & Network Support II
Course outline and Table of contents
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 Weekly discussion topic & assignment

Laboratory Exercises 
Date completed 
Week 1:  Perpherals

Cover basic operating principles, failure modes, and other aspects of each peripheral.

Disassemble and re-assemble as appropriate




Week 2: Peripherals as above As above
Week 3: Network principles

Discuss and understand peer to peer and served network operation

Design our served network network design
Week 4:   Network implementation  Implement the designed network
Week 5:    Network configuration Configure the network for users Demonstrate the working network
Week 6:   Network peripherals  Implement network printers & FAX Printers working
Week 7: E-Mail work on E-mail service

the business of running a C&NS dept

Week 8:   Extra-network connectivity

Discuss and understand extranetwork - WAN, Internet, etc. operation

Safety manual business report
Week 9:   Multi protocol routing and switching practical routing and switching Business report
Week 10:   Safety manual
Week 11Final reports

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Computer Support II Deliverables:

In the front of your notebook you will post this page.  As you complete each task you will initial and date its entry on the table above and obtain my concurring initials.