Spokane Falls Community College
AOS 270 - Office Computer Support

Instructor: Paul Lecoq - Office 18-129 A

ph# 533-3793

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By the end of this course you should know how to maintain computers and networks as the resident computer specialist in an office.  You will know how to install software and hardware, how to assign and close network accounts and be able to purchase computers and software.  As a first level computer person you will be able to perform basic maintenance and will be able to call in IT specialists when required for advanced maintenance.

You are expected to know, from previous AOS classes, how to perform all the office skills and with experience could become an office manager.  This class takes you into another realm, another mindset.  to follow procedures and formats meticulously one needs explicit training in what is expected.  The person responsible for maintaining the computers in the office must deal in a less organized world in which the answers are not necessarily readily available in a practices manual.  You will be expected to learn much of what you do by research, without explicit instruction. When new software is delivered you will be expected to learn it yourself from inadequate manuals then teach it to others in the office.  You will provide the connection between the indefinite world of techies and the organized office environment.

Much of what you learn in this class will soon become obsolete because every year and a half the hardware and software companies release new versions to which you have to adapt.  This will not be a typical well organized AOS class, we will be working and learning by research rather than explicit instruction.  Because of rapid obsolescence of the technology you will always be learning by teaching yourself.  In this class we will concentrate on how to learn, how to find what you need.

Course schedule
Week # Reading Topics Assignments Due Dates
  In The Beginning Introduction, Background, and Overview Assignments are due on the Monday of the week in which they are noted here. Late assignments may be docked up to 50%
#1 -

4 April

Ch 1,2

read as much of these chapters as this week proceeds

Warm and fuzzy week

Evaluate your skills base -- Prioritize what we must learn.

General introduction to computer and network maintenance

Major Project

Instructional project

Chapter assignment

#2 - 

11 April

Ch 2,3 Let's get serious

How hardware and software work together

Parts of the computer


Assign students' research/instruction project


18 April

Ch 4

research data base

Managing memory

Review Data Base

Build a data base  

25 April

Ch 5,6

Appendix E

Disk Drives

I/O & multimedia devices

Unix / Linux

Prepare a new hard drive

Linux exploration


2 May

Ch 6,7
Appendix C
Multimedia devices


Computer arithmetic

Interface a printer  

9 May




Operating Systems Explore Windows

Arithmetic quiz



#7 -

16 May

Ch 9,10 Operating systems

The World Wide Web

Windows maintenance

Build a web page


1 June
No class Monday

CH 11 Purchasing computers & software

Create a purchase requisition



6 June


Ch 12

Appendix D

Maintenance & troubleshooting


Troubleshoot for real  



13 June

Wednesday is dead day

  Maintenance & troubleshooting

Finish everything off

More troubleshooting Everything turned in
Final exam

15 May



Evaluation Criteria:
Since this class deals with open ended search and learning the primary criterion for grading will be how well you present the skills you have learned.  Laboratory exercises will be as important as classroom perfomrnance.  Your reports will be as important as your test scores.  As an office computer guru you must deal well with others on the job and must be able to instruct in software and hardware.  You will have the opportunity to demonstrate how well you can instruct.


Criteria for grading Exams: . .Project grading . Course Grading:
92 % - 100 % = A   Research & content = 50%   Midterm = 200 pts
85 % - 91.9 % = B   Presentation 50%   Final 300 pts
75 % - 84.9% = C        Reports 300 pts
68 % - 74.9% = D    Late assignments may be docked up to 50%    Instruction 200 pts
Below 68% = F       You must turn in all assignments to receive a passing grade.


Three absences is too many.


Assignments -  Primarily done outside of class


Major project

You will select one of the following subjects for your research.  You may consult with the instructor if you wish to choose a subject not on the list.  You will schedule the research and the date you will be presenting it to the class.

For your project you will prepare an oral presentation of between five and fifteen minutes with Power Point aids.  You will also prepare a web page that further explains the subject.

Everyone in the class will evaluate your web page for content, correctness, and appearance.

Technology trends expected over the next 8 years Linux / Unix Information management within an office
How a computer works internally Designing a network for an office Routine and Preventative maintenance of computers and networks
Computer peripheral devices in the office Computer Security & ethics Voice communications with computers.   Telecommunicating

Instruction Session

During the second week of class you are to choose one of the weeks' topics and begin the research and preparation of a ten minute instructional session that fits into the class schedule.  Since being a computer guru requires self discipline it is up to you to discuss your subject and schedule it with the instructor.  If you wait to bring up the subject until the last week of the quarter you may get a response of "Oh, that's too bad."  The ball is definitely in your court on this assignment.

Chapter assignments

You are expected to go through the glossary and questions at the end of each chapter.  As we complete the discussion of each chapter I will ask if there are any questions.  At that time you will bring up anything you couldn't define or answer in the end of chapter stuff.  It is up to you to ask questions.  If you don't ask, my assumption is that you are ready to deal with the subjects on a test. I won't waste time going over things you understand.

I will go over your answers if you choose to hand in the end of chapter exercises but it is not required.  You are all adults and as such are expected to exercise the self discipline to manage this yourselves.

Remember:  If you don't ask I'll assume you are ready to take a test on the subject.

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