IS2XX (3 Credits)
Preparation for Network certification examinations

  IS 2XXX can be repeated for up to 15 credits.

Students will be divided into groups according to the Exam for which they are studying.  Meeting times (4 hours per week) will be defined for each group.  One hour per week will be a controlled discussion controlled by the instructor.  The remaining three hours will be led by students on a rotating schedule and observed by the instructor.

Textbook Required:
Exam Cram Texts from Course Technology
Materials Required:
3 Ring Binder (or other organizer) for Handouts
2 3 ½ inch High Density Floppies
email account
Small Toolkit and flashlight (to be used in the lab)

Methods of Instruction:
Three primary methods of instruction predominate in this class:  Class discussion, student led seminars, and hands-on Lab.

Students will be assigned areas of responsibility at the beginning of the course.  Each student will do the required research to lead seminars on his/her assigned subjects.

Course Description:
This is an intensive course for experienced network specialists who desire to prepare for the examinations leading to MCSE certification.  It is absolutely assumed that the students already understand the subject, either from completing the Computer and Network Support certificate or from the equivalent of two years experience working hands-on in network management.  The specific intent of this course is to help experienced, knowledgeable people prepare for the certification examinations.

This class is conducted as an ongoing seminar in which a faculty member leads the technical discussion but to which the students bring their expertise.  The peculiarities of the examination are the central subject.

Prerequisite: Thorough working knowledge of computers, operating systems, and networks.  IS 164 and IS 242 or permission of instructor or IS162.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Preparation for taking the MCSE examinations.

Grading Criteria:
1. Students are responsible for completing the assigned reading and research. 1/3 of the grade will be an evaluation of student preparation at the seminar meetings.

2. An exam prep test at the end of the studies will count for 1/3 of the grade.

3.    The remaining 1/3 of the grade will come from evaluating any lab work that is done for the class.

4.    Passing the MCSE exam overrides the above grading criteria.

Attendance Policy
Students are expected to attend classes and be prompt so as not to interrupt once the class is underway. We understand that foul weather can cause unexpected delays, but please try to be considerate of your classmates. While attendance does not count towards your overall grade, missing a significant number of classes will be detrimental to you. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to get the handouts and get any notes from fellow students or from my website (TBP).

Buddy Policy
I encourage students to have a “buddy” in each class. This is someone with whom you can work, discuss reading assignments, test your ideas, and bolster each other’s spirits.

You must have a current email address for me to contact you in case of changes due to emergencies.

Misuse of Computer Privileges
Access to computer facilities is a privilege granted to CCS students, staff and faculty and to those who arrange special rental permits. Computers may not be used for personal financial gain. Unauthorized access, use, and/or experimentation can result in permanent loss of computer privileges, probation, suspension, expulsion, requirements to make financial restitution, a fine, and/or imprisonment.