Paul E. Lecoq  MS 3180
W3410 Fort Wright Drive 
Spokane, WA 99224

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  • Instructor, Computing and Engineering Spokane Falls Community College 30 years
  • Adjunct Faculty Gonzaga University 10 years
  • Systems Engineer- Spacecraft Data Systems & Ground Support Systems JPL/NASA 12 years
  • Writer: Novel published in 2011 -- Cruel and Unusual Punishment?
  • Technician - Spacecraft Ground Support Equipment JPL/NASA 3 years
  • Test Compliance Engineer Autonetics/ North American Aviation (Rockwell) 3 years
  • Alternate energy system engineer IPD 1 1/2 years 
  • Radar/Computer technician -- US Army 3 years
  • City Councilman, Mayor Pro Tem City of Davenport 5 years
  • Officer Ret.( Lt. Col., Brigade Commander) Washington State Guard 17 years
  • Summer Jobs
  • Successful grants
  • Education:

    Writer:   Published Cruel and Unusual Punishment?  in 2011

    Novel exploring the impact of drugs and organized crime in the US. 

    A asmall group of former cops, psychologists, and engineers probe the depths of organized crime in the US. 

    Use effective sychological metholodology  to extract information.  Use unique inventions to take action.

    Instructor of Computing & Software Engineering

    14 years teaching Software Engineering Technology
    • A hands-on practical curriculum which taught students to be excellent programmers.
    • Curriculum included documentation, scheduling, planning, management
    • Languages: C, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, Basic, Visual Basic, Assembly Language

    13 years teaching computer support/network support & management:   A practical program teaching students:

    • how to maintain, purchase, install, and repair computers
    • Network operation, installation, maintenance, and management -- Unix and NT web & other servers
      • Other classes: Electronics, Microprocessors, Software Engineering, CAD, Telecommunications, networks, Computer Support, Network support, Project management

    Ten years Adjunct Faculty Gonzaga University Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering instrumentation. 

    JPL / NASA

    The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was created in the 1940s to develop Jet Assisted Take-Off systems for military aircraft. Operated by California Institute of Technology for NASA, JPL developed the first American orbital satellite. JPL created many unmanned spacecraft. I contributed to these major projects:
    • the Surveyor spacecraft that took the first close-up pictures of the moon
    • Mariner spacecraft that were the first to go to Mars, Venus, and Mercury
    • Viking, the first US Mars lander
    • Voyager, the outer planet spacecraft that has now left the Solar System
    • Galileo, that recently dropped a probe into Jupiter's atmosphere

    Systems Engineer

    As a Systems Engineer I was responsible for cross-discipline development. A systems engineer is a kind of generalist rather than a specialist. Electronic, mechanical, software, and other engineers designed within their own specialties on a project. The Systems Engineer must pull all the disciplines together to assure that the system as a whole works.

    As a Cognizant Engineer I was responsible for all aspects of the part of the project assigned to me. Analysis, design, reliability, electronics, software, management, etc. Engineers working for me were more expert than I in their specific areas of expertise. It was my job to pull the whole thing together and to make it work. I was the Cognizant Engineer on the following subsystems:

    COMGEN & SCISIM: Integrated software support systems for Mariner spacecraft Data Systems which included spacecraft simulators, assemblers, data management, and telecommunications systems. Supported the software throughout testing and flight operations.

    Data System: This included the two on-board spacecraft data systems, Computer/Control system and the Flight Data System.

    Unified Data System: This was a Research and Development project in which we explored the use of distributed parallel computers to make up an integrated spacecraft data and control system.

    Galileo Data System: I led the design team for the original data system for the Galileo spacecraft. It was the first distributed microprocessor data system designed for any spacecraft.

    Spacecraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

    Ground Support Equipment includes all the hardware and software used in testing the spacecraft and preparing it for launch. I began by operating existing GSE for the Surveyor and Mariner Spacecraft. I was the blockhouse operator for the Central Computer and Sequencer on two launches. I was on support teams for all the Mariner spacecraft. Starting in 1966 I began designing GSE hardware and programming GSE software. A research project of mine, an extensible computer language for testing spacecraft triggered my promotion to engineer.

    Summer jobs engaged to maintain technical currency

    • ISC (now Olivetti North America) Software Quality Assurance & programming
    • US Bureau of Mines Programming a test facility hydraulic controller and data acquisition system
    • ISC (now Olivetti North America) Testing hierarchical networks of computers
    • US Bureau of Mines Programmed windowing computer controlled testing system
    • Kaiser Aluminum Technical writer
    • Eastern Washington University Teaching multimedia courseware development (lab)
    • JPL consulted as visiting professor on JPL's internet portal and archival policies.

    Successful grants

    • Extensible computer language for spacecraft testing (JPL) {Completed prototype}
    • Implanted computer controlled osmotic insulin pump (JPL) {Left JPL before completion}
    • Controlled spectrum hearing aid (JPL) {Left JPL before completion}
    • Multi-media computing courses (SFCC) {1981, Completed video and several CAI applications}
    • SPOCAD - cooperative consortium between public community colleges and private Jesuit University       (SFCC/SCC/Gonzaga)

    Alternate Energy

    Designed Inverters for small hydroelectric plants. Systems were for medium head, low flow Pelton wheel dynamos for remote homes and farms.